# Basics

The Wappalyzer APIs provide programmatic access to technographic data on websites, either in real-time or prefetched.

  • The APIs conform to REST principles
  • The JSON data format is used for responses and POST requests
  • All resources require authentication
  • Requests are rate-limited and capped to a monthly quota
  • Endpoints are HTTPS only

# Authentication

Wappalyzer uses API keys to provide authorized access to its APIs. Subscribe to a plan to obtain an API key.

Request header Value
x-api-key <Your API key>

# Demo API key

Use the API key below to try the APIs before purchasing a subscription. It's good for ten requests per day across all APIs (excluding the Dataset API).


# Response codes

The APIs return HTTP status codes in addition to JSON-based responses.

HTTP code Description
200 The request was completed successfully
202 The request has been accepted for processing
400 There was an error with the request
403 Authorisation failure (incorrect API key or invalid method or resource)
429 Usage plan quota exceeded


In less common scenarios, other status codes may be used. To verify if a request was successful, check for a 2xx code. A 4xx code indicates a problem with the request. A 5xx code means a server-side error occurred.

# Error types

In case of an error, an error type may be included in the JSON response, along with a message detailing the error.

Type Description
GENERIC A generic or unkown error occured
RESPONSE_NOT_OK The server did not respond with a 200 HTTP code
NO_RESPONSE The server did not respond in time
NO_HTML_DOCUMENT The server response did not include a HTML document

# Limits & usage

Every request includes response headers detailing the API limits and your usage.


  • The remaining quota value is updated periodically and should be treated as an estimate
Header Description
wappalyzer-rate-limit The maximum number of request that can be made per second
wappalyzer-quota-limit The total number of requests that can be made within the time period
wappalyzer-quota-period The period of time after which the quota is reset (e.g. MONTH)
wappalyzer-quota-remaining The remaining number of requests that can be made within the time period